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Figure 1. Audrey Buller

Audrey Buller Parsons and her husband Lloyd stayed at Joe and Suzie Walker’s apartment on 5th Avenue. From the window one could look over Central Park and see the George Washington Bridge.[1] They were in New York for the opening of the American Realists and Magic Realists exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art. Audrey was one of twenty six painters selected to be represented at this extensive show. It was the most important exhibition of her career.  Suzie understanding that Audrey would not have much of an appetite due to a combination of nervousness and excitement, may have prepared hors d’oeuvres and Dubonnet on the rocks with a lemon twist. The doorman held the door open as the four of them darted through the bleak February rain into a checkered cab.[2] Lloyd directed the taxi driver, "Eleven West 53rd Street please, the Museum of Modern Art!”

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