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Head c. 1925

Portrait of Randolph Stanley Hewton c. 1925

Art Students League Library c. 1926

Man’s Head c. 1926

Woman’s Head c. 1926

Portrait, Kenneth Hayes Miller c. 1927

Girl With Cigarette Case c. 1929

Harry Binsse c. 1929

Mangard Best c. 1929

Woman With Book c. 1929

Woman With Negro Sculpture c. 1929

Still Life With Goldfish c. 1930

Lloyd Parsons c. 1931

Mrs. Babcock and Mrs. Reid c. 1931

Duck on Platter c.1932

Before the Masquerade c. 1933

Broken Chessboard c. 1933

From the Sea c. 1933

Girl Looking in Box c. 1933

Goldfish and Fans c. 1933

Lillian Dunn c. 1933

Magdalene Davis c. 1933

Nude in Armchair c. 1933

Nude in Doorway 1933

Roses c. 1933

Sabina c. 1933

Tools on Workbench c. 1933

Candy, Lamb, 1934

Fay Reading c. 1934

Bouquet c. 1936

Charlie’s Goat c. 1936

City Flowers c. 1936

Comedy c. 1936

Dorothy Goulet c. 1936

Landscape c. 1936

Lucy Sewing c. 1936

Moffatt c. 1936

Morning Glory 1936

Mother c. 1936

Sleeping Girl c. 1936

Sunday Morning c. 1936

Talisman Roses c. 1936

Tragedy 1936

Cornet in Case/Still Life 1937

Sugar Shepherdess 1937

Canterbury Bells 1938

Classic Flower Piece c. 1938

Poison Ivy /Tree and Vines c. 1938

Penelope c.1939

Rhode Island Red c. 1940

Little Winter Landscape c. 1942

Mrs. Carrington Lloyd c. 1942

Red Camellias c. 1946

Still Life c. 1946

Iowa Valentine c. 1947

Penelope Knitting 1947

Bread and Honey 1948

The Christ Child 1949

Jennifer 1949

Prentice Shethar 1949

Dicie Atwater c. 1950

Jennifer / Standing Figure on Beach c.1951

Sakonnet Rocks c. 1951

Field Mushrooms c. 1952

Florelle Pears c. 1952

From My Garden c. 1952

Mrs. Joseph Walker 1952

Rocks c. 1952

Young Bather c. 1952

Young Girl on the Beach c. 1952

Jennifer 1957

Elizabeth - 1971

Big Tree n.d.

Bouquet in Pitcher Vase n.d

Flowers n.d.

Ginny Lloyd n.d.

Mac Kennedy n.d.

Mrs. Hewitt n.d.

Poison Ivy n.d

Portrait of a Woman in Red n.d.

Rhode Island Red n.d.

Seated Figure n.d.

Spring n.d.

Summer n.d.

Three Morning Glories n.d

Title Unknown n.d (orange flowers in white pitcher)

Title Unknown n.d (morning glories in vase with leaves and berries)

Title Unknown n.d (bouquet on columnar stand)

Title Unknown n.d (portrait of woman)

Title Unknown n.d (nude in red chair)

Title Unknown n.d (woman in pink dress)

Title Unknown n.d. (bouquet in green vase)



“Morning Glory.” House and Garden. June 1937.

“City Flowers.” House and Garden. November, 1938.

“I Love You.” Country Gentlewoman, February, 1946.



(Rope) Plymouth Cordage Company. Hardware Age, January 20, 1944 and Mill Supplies. March, 1944.

(I Love You) The Northwestern Mutual Life. The Saturday Evening Post. September 14, 1946.

Golden Chance, Harriet Hubbard Ayer, Publication unknown, 1948

Titleist. Saturday Evening Post. March 11, 1950



Audrey Buller, 1918, Randolph Hewton

Miss Audrey Buller, 1919-20, Randolph Hewton

Portrait of Audrey Buller, 1921, Randolph Hewton

Seated Figure, 1924, Randolph Hewton

Miss Audrey Buller, 1919-1920, Randolph Hewton

Miss Audrey Buller 1922-23, Randolph Hewton

Audrey, 1931, Lloyd Parsons

Fares, 1937

At Home, n.d.

My Wife, Lloyd Parsons



*The dating of the above paintings is often based on first known showing in an exhibition.

Sources:  “Audrey Buller A Magic Realist in retrospect Paintings from 1926-1952”, O’kane Gallery, Houston TX, 2007; Juley, Peter A. and Son, “Audrey Buller”, Archives and Special Collections, Smithsonian American Art Museum,; Juley, Peter A. and Son from the Collection of Jennifer Sims and Penelope Harris; From the Collection of Jennifer Sims; Collection of Victoria Sanborn; Little Compton Historical Society.

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