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Audrey Devitt Buller was the last child born to Frank Buller and Jean Hamilton Brien Buller.[58] Her father died when she was just three years of age.  At a young age she was sent to boarding school at Shawholme in England.[59]  Her daughters recall that food appeared to be a point of pleasure for her at school.

Mommy said that they would tie their sashes together, like blue button sashes, and would put them out the window and let them drop to the ground. Beaus waiting below would tie on a basket filled with wonderful delicacies.[60]


The girls would have midnight picnics. They would gather in someone’s room in complete darkness. Mother remembered dipping her finger into something delicious. Never forgetting the wonderful flavor, she later learned it had been her first taste of pate de foie gras.[61]


She was in attendance at Boarding school during the First World War.

Mommy was staying with her mother in a hotel in England during the war. She and her mother would go to the balcony when the sirens went off. She saw the Zeppelins moving across the sky with spot lights waving back and forth. Small planes were going in and out of the lights as they tried to reach the Zeppelin. But, the Zeppelins flew at a great height and the small planes had difficulty reaching them. She thought the scene was thrilling and didn’t realize that the Zeppelins were bombing London.[62]



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