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Figure 11. “Marguerite Buller”

Marguerite Trelawney Buller, the first child born to Frank Buller and Elizabeth Langlois Buller pursued a career as a writer and an illustrator. [38]  She published several children’s books “The Rhyme Garden” in 1917, “The Story of Woofin Poofin” in 1929, and “Mr. Jones of the London Zoo” in 1938.[39] She also published a series of articles for the magazine the Smart Set.[40] Audrey Buller’s daughters recall that their mother loved Marguerite.[41]  Penelope’s recollection of her aunt, a ginger, was that she had moved to London where a play she had written was to be produced. “She became friends with Margo Fontaine and she was rumored to have had an affair with someone famous but Aunt Cecil would never give the name.” [42]






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Figure.12. “The Story of Woofin – Poofin”

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