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T 1898, p1.jpg

Record for Doctor F. Buller and wife, August 29, 1898. Departing Liverpool England, Arriving Montreal Quebec, Ship Gallia.


Ship Gallia, Cunard Line

Dr. Frank Buller and Jean Buller sailed on August 28, 1898

Frank Buller August 29, 1904 Arriving Liverpool, England, Departing Montreal, Quebec, Allan Line, Ship Ionian

T 9_1904.jpg

Dr. Frank Buller, September 2, 1904

Departing Liverpool, England, Arriving Montreal, Quebec, Departing Liverpool, England.


Ship Dr. Frank Buller sailed on September 1, 1904

Jean Buller, Master Frances, Miss A., Miss G.A. French, September 2, 1910, Arriving Montreal, Quebec, Departing Liverpool England, Allan Line, Ship Victorian

Victorian, Allan Line 1904-1922

Mrs. Frank Buller, Frances, Audrey, and G.A. French sailed on September 2, 1910

T 1919 p 1.jpg

Francis and Audrey June 1919, Arriving Montreal Quebec, Border Crossing from United States

Jean Buller June 1919

Jean, Francis Audrey Buller, Border Crossing:

From Canada to U.S., June 1920, Canadian Pacific Railroad

Lloyd Parsons, Declaration of Passenger to Canada, May 1923,

Arriving Montreal, Quebec, Departing Paris France, Ship Melita.

Lloyd Parsons May 10, 1923, Arriving Montreal, Quebec,

Departing Southampton, England Canadian Pacific, Ship Melita.

Audrey Buller June 13, 1928 Arrival Southampton, England from Montreal,

Quebec, Canadian Pacific Line, Canadian Pacific Line, Ship Montnaire.

Jean Buller and Audrey Buller, June 20,1929,

Arrival in Southampton, England from Montreal, Quebec, Canadian Pacific Line, Ship Montrose.

Montrose, Canadian Pacific, 1922-1939.

Jean Buller and Audrey Buller sailed on June 20, 1929

Lloyd Parsons, July 28, 1929, Arriving London, England from Montreal, Quebec.  Cunard Line, Ship Aurania.

Aurania, Cunard Steamship Co., 1924-1944.

Lloyd Parsons sailed on July 28, 1929.

Allan Parsons and Jean Buller October 5, 1929,

The White Star Line, ship Calgaric, Southampton to Montreal

Jean Buller and Maude Holman Parsons, October 5, 1929,

Southampton, England to Montreal, Quebec

Lloyd and Audrey Buller, December 13, 1929, Southampton, England to Halifax, Nova Scotia

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