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Audrey and Lloyd couch.jpg

Audrey and Lloyd Parsons



Living room in New York with Portrait of Audrey by Lloyd

apart 1.jpg

Audrey and Lloyd’s Apartment in New York City

Audrey and Lloyd with friends

Jean Hamilton Buller

Audrey Buller Exhibition, n.d. From the Sea and Lucy Sewing

Audrey Buller Exhibition, n.d.

Exterior gallery photograph of Fay Reading

Carnegie Institute, Pittsburg, PA

Gallery Group 7, 1948 Mangravite- Sawyer- Albright- Buller- Schnakenburg.

Carnegie Institute, Pittsburg, PA

Gallery Group 76, 1946, Schulin-Celentano-Koch-I Soyer- Buller.

MOMA exhib_edited.png

Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY

Americans 1943: Realists and Magic Realists

February 10-March 21, 1943

Audrey Buller’s Family at O’kane Exhibition, Houston, TX, 2007.

Henry Harris- Elizabeth Mellon with Gwendolyn- Lamont Harris- Penelope Harris- Jennifer Sims- David Sims- Victoria Sanborn- Alex Johnson.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts- Montreal Canada

 “The 1920’s Modernism in Montreal: The Beaver Hall Group”

2016, October 22- 2017, January 29

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